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3529 Clifton Place
Glendale, CA, 91208
United States

Games, music, and lots of fun!

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Poems for children by John Kavanagh. Explore these poems for teaching kids, children, babies of all ages!

Purple Violets Oh So Blue As spring would fade with vibrant brilliant colors the violets purples oh so blue the jonquil carnation and pelted rose the sparrow lark and crow a dart of blue and flash of spreading wing that swooping perky cheeky Jay Bird the willow and tall grass overhang the silver wispy shadowed gliding water in rivulets it flows and passes in its streams on by i watch in wonder the dandelion and dragon fly as they sway motion and hover in the wind the yellow winged Monarch butter-fly as she tips and trips beside... between the trees along its journeyed path all in harmony … harmony… harmony they whisper…whisper… whisper all doth sway and bend to Gods guiding hand dew winds and gentle breeze ******** ‘Walk On’ In the course of your life you will meet those who will take and those who will give… most will take… few will give… treasure in the journey of life those who are givers.. do not let those who use you and take from you destroy you… or you will end your life in the bitterness of death which like the open grave rob you of your life… walk on… Realist you cannot change others… only yourself… do not let others drain and take away from who you are… and so change your uniqueness… As a good man or woman… the future lies with you… everyone fails trying at some time… life dissapointments can sorely try us… walk on… hold your head high… walk on… most often one cannot resolve or change what others are doing or have done to you… walk on… your dreams are yours… to each his own… your goals… ideals… and ideas are your beautiful budding fruits’ and flowers to blossom and bloom… yours alone… walk on… don’t look back… do not loose heart little one… take advantage of fair winds… again and again… set your sails to fly… do not loose heart little one… each day brings the warmth of the sun… always and forever… always and forever… hold your head high… walk on walk on… ******* To my Dearest Darling From across the seas i came ... and who would have known ... that from my heart i wish you the happiest birthday ... and many more to come ... tis been a year wonderful ... especially since your there to share ... my wish is that all your dreams will yet the sweeter be ... fondest memories of times gone by ... with loved so dear ... and to the future what god may bring ... with peace when much is frail and peril fraught in our land ... tis my love i give ... which is not bound by storm tide and should wind abound ... i love thee dear .... to my dearest darling ... *********** ******* Oh Little Ones Oh Little Ones Oh little ones oh little ones i cry out for thee my heart greaves for the lost innocent little ones broken torn and discarded by man’s evil war cruel men and [wo]man who pursue mystery Babylon’s excesses its decant luxury greed abominations and debasing corruption for power position gain and profit my sad hearts eyes weep with tears that cannot flow stored in bottles for all time the fathers of liesr reaps his bloody harvest on the aged and innocent in the cancer carrion greed of corruption officialdom closes eyes and ears to the heart rending cry’s the tangled web of mystery intrigue deception their tireless hidden bloody judas hands doth weave poem... oh little ones ...