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Games, music, and lots of fun!


Visit our blog following the story of The Oo'dz by John Kavanagh! The Oo'dz is a world of games, music, cartoons, and stories for children, kids, and babies of all ages for everyone to enjoy!

You Better Not | The Oodz | Music Video | Cute Puppies

The Oodz

These are the cutest doggie woggies in the world! 'You Better Not' playtime. This video is about mischief, fun, family, and playtime. A hoot for all to watch. Who do you think is the cutest? Many thanks to Steve and Oni for sharing their furry family with us and the world.


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Alien Raver

The Oodz

Check out our very own Alien Raver! If you haven't checked out his dance moves, select the play button! He is Groovy!

"The Oodz" are lovable, unique, cute, zany, mischievous cartoon characters with big eyes and noses. Oodz, full of fun, and always in trouble, while finding out a way and bringing enjoyment to all ages! 

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Cartoon | The Oodz | Red Onion Munion | Funny Animated Cartoon For Kids

The Oodz

   The Red Onion Munion

A long.. long time ago, the little critters called "The Oodz" lay hidden form all the world to see. Their great caverns kingdom was blocked from the outside world by gigantic metamorphic rock formations from a sudden ice age melt.

This was a terrible thing until the great earthquake occurred. Then, the rocks were parted and the light broker into their cavernous world, and they were thrilled to see and feel the warmth of the sun. The light of the moon of the moon at night and the light of the sun to guide them during their bright playful happy days. They watched in awe at the sunsets and crimson glows of the early morning light creeping over the horizon shaking the morning mist out of its sleep, slumber, and drowsiness. When they had grown used to the new light of the moon at night and the new light for the sun during the day out from their hidden cavernous world, that they had known for so long, they traveled.

Oh how great it would be to explore the great divides, the vast velds, the tropical islands and forests along with the great volcanoes, rivers, and seas. Such wonderful wonders lay ahead of them from the rising of the sun to the setting thereof as far as their eyes could see and to the four corners of the earth. Their little hearts swelled with pride as they considered and dreamed about their travels. "Was their new world flat or round?" They asked and pondered. Oh what would these great adventures show forth and bring to them all. The treasures, gold doubloons, silver, wild beast's rivers and seas and deserts all to conquer and cross. All this was new and what adventures unfathomable would lay ahead.