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Games, music, and lots of fun!



Stories for children! Enter the world that John Kavanagh has created with his original cartoons, music, and games by experiencing fun stories for children, kids, babies, and more!

ÔBARN-A-BEEÕ ÔBarn a BeeÕ turns black and blue almost to the color of my shoe when he ÔBarn a BeeÕ is a gun tooting ARIZONA Wild West green cacti from the family of Oodzious cacti large-e-ow two arms... With big eyes and his now famous red outback hat that ÔBarn a BeeÕ won in a shoot out with wild ÔBill FinnÕ; that mad IRISH outlaw gun-slinger. He sure was crazy baby... ÔBarn a BeeÕ is very proud of his out-back hat. ÔBarn a BeeÕ turns black and blue almost to the color of my shoe we he gets mad especially when zapped by ÔMr Zubee-ZooÕ and ÔMr Zubee-ZeeÕ. ÔBarn a BeeÕ and the ÔRed Punk Banana BeanÕ are great friends and mates... They often sit down and muse over the goings on of the would be hidden earthling controllers who along with their officials do everything they can to steal there land its minerals and water. - - - - - - ÔHORRICE-DE-MINEÕ Touch ÔHorrice De MineÕ in the wrong place and you loose a life or get blown up... He He ... ÔHorrice De MineÕ on the other hand is very very ticklish. ÔHorrice De MineÕ is a happy go lucky rascally whose happiest day was when he was set free from his moorings and floated away. ÔHorrice De MineÕ watches the passages and pathways in the sea and all the wonderful sights and adventures that those pathways bring to him. A spectacular fun filled watery life awaits his followers. Ô Shoot and ScootÕ is his friend and together they seek out mystery, mischief and adventure. - - - - - - ÔBUSH-WHACKEDÕ ÔBUSH-WHACKEDÕ is a good old Australian ÔoutbackÕ name. ÔBush-WhackedÕ is a traveler. He toddleÕs and digs around while burrowing in underground tunnels subways highways and byways along the bones of gigantic stones and tree roots branches of the deep. Travailing and burrowing in this way is his idea of adventure. Deep underground where the wonder filled world of ants , rabbits and the lonely mole explore he is often to be found. ÔBush- WhackedÕ can glow in the dark so that many a lost weary traveler has been found. Adventures galore await his trusty followers. - - - - - - ÔWALLICEÕ The dawn of THE OOÕDZ began in the mid 80Õs as The Udys. ÔWalliceÕ became the foundation cartoon character that started it all. With the invasion of Iraq i, changed the name to THE-OOÕDZ. There have been many starts and stops along the way. Big eyes and noses with cheeky dispositions. Wallice became the Ôworm of wormsÕ. Wallice is the quintessential ultimate OOÕDZ he he! Full of mischief fun always in trouble as he makes his way in life. If something is fun it is ÔOODZÕ... Wallice now wears a hillbilly hat to show off and symbolize he is a free man. THE-OOÕDZ stand for Common law and freedom the right to self determination and self governing as endowed by our creator. ÔDon't tread on meÕ is there slogan. The trumpet is the call to freedom from Ôstatutes that were not good and laws you cannot live byÕ the Legal society's entrapment and enslavement. The hillbilly theme of being free and self sufficient runs through different stories. - - - - - - ÔOPIOUS-DE-OODIOUSÕ ÔOpious De OodiousÕis a lovable rascally whale that frolics in the sea all day. So here is his poem for all to enjoy... There was a whale called ÔOpious De OodiousÕ who frolicked and played all day...From sun up to sundown he splished and splashed while chasing the little fish all about... Some times his sonar would go wonky and he would voice and sound a weird honkeyÉ Captian-Krush would always know and sail to place him in tow... So once again he could hoot and toot... and whale and moan... Splish and splash and frolic all about. Enjoy... Lots and lots of adventures to come. - - - - - - ÔWAY-TOO-COOLÕ ÔWAY-TOO-COOLÕ was to become the first OOÕDZ hillbilly car/ auto that i designed for use in a game. Funky and quirked it yourself design with a big V8 supercharged engine with lots of mph and horse power. ÔWAY-TOO-COOLÕ name came about through a chance conversation while discussing skateboarding for the gameÔLET-ME-OUT-OF-HEREÕ ÔWAY-TOO-COOLÕ title birds friend goes with him everywhere and his name is ÔWOOD-PECKER-NUM-NUMÕ. Both are way too coolÉ he he!Join in with the adventures of a rascally hillbilly ÔOOÕDZÕ with spiky hair & a groovy old racing rally car which takes them anywhere and everywhere they wish to move around. The piece of music i created for the game ÔWAY-TOO-COOLÕ is called Ônoodle BrainÕ. It is styled after a crazy mix of New Orleans jazz, blues and Cajan along with a lot lot was a lotta lotta fun in the recording studio with my sound engineer Parker and keyboardist ivory twinkler Kelsie. - - - - - - ÔWOODPECKER NUM NUMÕ ÔWOODPECKER NUM NUMÕ was a design flutter i created to add a flavor and hidden character to add verity to any main cartoon character especially ÔWAY-TOO-COOLÕ. i, have added this little critter to the end of my signature to turn it into art work. If you observe the wonderful footing of graffiti artists you can observe how they have taken plain old fonts and turned the footing world upside down into wonderful artwork with infinite verity of art expression and wonderment.ÔWOODPECKER NUM NUMÕ keeps his eyes on everything acting as a conscience shaker. his eye brows raise with an ominous frown or gleam and glow with approval. like a hummingbird he is always flutter. - - - - - - ÔSCUPPER-DE-OODZIOUSÕ ÔScupper De odiousÕ is a yellow submarine and as with all yellow submarine his wish is to be famous for his big hearted deeds. ÔScupper De odiousÕ nemesis is ÔWILLEY WILLEYÕ ÔWILLEY-WILLEYÕ is a fire red winged fire ball sea creature urchin. So in the game ÔDuck and Dodge Willey-WilleyÕ ÔScupper De odiousÕ has learnt to hive and jive jink and yaw duck and dodge as he maneuvers out of trouble. ÔScupper De odiousÕ has a big multi colored elephant gun cannon on deck. The cannon is called the Ôdoor knockerÕ due to the noise and sound it makes when it is fired. All the fish scar-per and run away as fast as they can when they hear the big ÔKaboomÕ. Meanwhile back in sturgeon cruising modus operandi ÔScupper De odiousÕ must be very vigilant. Ñ - - - - - ÔSTARFISHÑONERIOUSÕ Starfish Onerious is a super cute hairy fuzzy sea land urchin of the family of Urchin Crunch-in Munch-inÉ Starfish Onerious has green feet and purple sneakers and his famous ever changing wild spikes pinky hairÉ and let us not forget his hip hop along walkÉ his fuzzy spikes hair came about when he was frightened out of his wits by the big whale Tofus Duff-us who sat on hime by mistakeÉ oh the painÉ he finally emerged much to his chagrin squished flatÉ oh dearÉoh-my my myÉ to compensate for his flatnessÉ his squishiness he changes color but is invisible from the sideÉ he heÉ ha haÉ ho ho howdy ho hoe hoÉ Starfish Onerious has a lot of fun pulling pranks on hs fellow sea creaturesÉ you see he loves to give them a jab in the pun-jab when they are not looking. - - - - Ñ ÔFOOT-TAPPERÕ Foot Tapper is an interesting cartoon character. In conceiving Foot Tapper the concept came about in how to solve and create a small circular cartoon character that would not look like a packman yet journey through tunnels and mazes and be unique and different. By enlarging the circle it became obvious that a face could be placed inside to give added personality. By adding big feet it naturally followed that when walking away from you Foot Tapper imitated Charley Chaplains happy go lucky tramp style. The name Foot Tapper followed shortly afterwards. Amazing and Maze Zinger were the games that followed - - - - - - ÔBOO-TREE-TAP-TAP-TOEÕ ÔBooÕLittle ones love ÔBooÕ and ÔPeek-a-BoonÕ but not Boo Who. Boo lives underground and the entrance to his home is a tree stump. ÔBooÕ home is beautiful and warm beneath the soil. ÔBooÕ is an antique carver and cabinet maker thus he has beautified his home with the furniture that he hand made and his house has lots of secret passageÕs, hide holes, nooks and crannies. Let us not forget his faithful friend ÔTap TapÕ who wiggles and squiggles along at his side.ÕTreeÕ his other friend is deciduous thus ÔBooÕsÕ friend ÔTreeÕ looses his leaves and is often very cold in winter. ÔBooÕ keeps ÕTreeÕ warm in winter by heating the soil with free electricity he generates from the earths magnetic field. ÕToeÕ a smelly hairy ÔBig FootÕ is also his companion. - - - - - ÔAS-TIME-BEGINSÕ A long Élong time ago the little critters called THE OO'DZ lay hidden from all the world to see. Their great cavernous kingdom was blocked from the outside world by gigantic metamorphose rock formations from a sudden ice age melt. This was a terrible thing until the great earthquake occurred. Then the rocks were parted and the light broke into their cavernous world and they were thrilled to see and feel the warmth of the sun. The light of the moon at night and the light of the sun to guide them during their bright playful happy days. They watched in awe at the sun sets and the crimson glows of the early morning light creeping over the horizon shaking the morning mist out of its sleep, slumber and drowsiness. When they had grown used to the new light of the moon at night and the new light of the sun during the day out from their hidden cavernous world, that they had known for so long, they traveled. Oh how great it would be to explore the great divides, the vast velds, the tropical islands and forests along with the great volcanoes, rivers and seas. Such wonderful wonders lay ahead of them from the rising of the sun to the setting thereof as far as their eyes could see and to the four corners of the earth. Their little hearts swelled with pride as they considered and dreamed about their travels.Was their new world flat or round they asked and pondered? Oh what would these great adventures show forth and bring to them all. The treasures, gold, doubloons, silver, wild beasts. Rivers seas and deserts all to crossed. All this was new and what adventures unfathomable would lay ahead. Spade to Play I WENT DOWN TO THE SEA WITH MY BUCKET AND SPADE TO PLAY... TO DIG AND DIG AWAY AT THE SEA SHELL SPECKLED SANDY SHORE... TO WATCH THE WAVES LAPPING & SPLISHING SPLISHING & SPLOSHING,UP AND DOWN THE WHOLE BEACH THE SANDPIPERS RUNNING TO AND FRO... AS MY HOLES & MOATS BRIDGES & CASTLE WALLS THAT I DID BUILD... TILL UP CAME THE WATER TO INQUIRE OF MY TOIL BENEATH THE SANDY SOIL... TUT TUT ...TUT TUT... I WILL FILL YOU UP SAID THE SEA... AND SO IT CAME TO PASS THAT THE NOISY FROTHING FOAMING WATER DID OVERCAME MY TOIL BENEATH THE SANDY SPECKLED SHORE... TUT TUT...TUSK TUSK... IT IS THE END OF THE DAY... BUT DO NOT WORRY FOR TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY... & DOWN TO THE BEACH I WILL JOURNEY AGAIN TO PLAY... - - - - - - тCEDRIC the Snailу тCEDRIC the Snailу is an early cartoon creation that has sat on the shelf for a very long long time... By making тCEDRICуsу shell psychedelic colorful along with using hillbilly rockabilly music he has sprung to life yet again in the game тCONKERS and BONKERSу ... тCEDRICу is a muse. тCEDRICу plays the guitar and various other assorted other instruments. When his friends and especially children gather around тCEDRICу the magic of new music springs forth like water much to the surprise of everyone through тCEDRICуsу giftedness... His psychedelic shell is his tell tale of his muse gifting attracting all sorts of wonderful critters children and friends... - - - - - тSHOOT & SCOOTу тSHOOT & SCOOTуis a happy go lucky fish. Everyone loves fishing and they often having a pet fish at home. The child hood fantasy of throwing a hook line and sinker into mysterious water pools, rivers, lakes and seas to catch a fish never leaves us even as adults. Fisher men are always telling stories about the one that got away or about the fish who cannot be caught. So that being said meet тSHOOT & SCOOTу The big hearted effervescent bubble fish who does not want to be caught. His stripes are there so he can hide undetected while his effervescent bubbles help change his color and shape. Enjoy... Lots more adventures and fun to come. - - - - я тMOON PONG HIGHу тMOON PONG HIGHу is a spaceman traveler and explorer. тMOON PONG HIGHутMOON PONG HIGHу especially likes the moon for its craters and hide-y holes. He watches all the silly earthlings gathering up shiny gold and silver like naughty jack-doors. His nemesis is тMOON PONG LOWу who is always trying to shoot him up with his big ancient cannon уThe Lady Dowajada Ah Haу. тMOON PONG HIGHу Martian radar warns him by sonar pings when a cannon ball is fired. Try and all as he might so far тMOON PONG LOWу has always missed. That is why with a skip and a step тMOON PONG HIGHу skips to and fro as happy as a bee can bee... He...He... - - - - - тCAPTAIN KRUSHу тCAPTAIN KRUSHуis a colorful little ship. All children love watching ships & boats sail on by. i remember as a child lying on the lynoliam floor at my home in Ellerslie playing with submarines and paper boats and then floating them down streams adding paper sails to wooden sticks. It was all a lot of fun while exploring the fantasy's of a child's mind. тCAPTAIN KRUSHу is super cute as he sails catching the тSPINNER fishу to gain life in the game тCAPTAIN KRUSHу while looking for his friend тOPIOUS DE OODIOUSу when his sonar radar fails. тCAPTAIN KRUSHу and тOPIOUS DE OODIOUSу are good mates and cobbers who like playing tricks and games with one another. - - - - тCARTOON BULLY-E-TINSу Introducing тCARTOON BULLY-E-TINSу. This a new concept to introduce quick blasts of news and updates to our followers. #1 Introducing тWISE-OWL-WHAT-A-HOOTу. Introduction the sayings and wisdom gathered down through time and age of the wise. - - - - тGOT-YAу, Meet тGOT-YAу, a bright colorful butter fly who flips and flaps and toddles all about. In creating тGOT-YAу my memories goes back to happy innocent childhood sun filled days looking into the deep blueи blue sky watching the dandy-lines floating on high as they go by... Bright red dragon flyуs darting in and out two and fro over the streams soft water trickling through reeds and grass. The whispering winds fluttering butterfly wings as they gather bugs, honey-dew and pollen as all the while they play and search for their Dinny Din Din Dins. - - - - тTHE RED PUNK BANANA BEANу тTHE RED PUNK BANANA BEANу the silliest banana bean you have ever seen he he... With spiky hair and green plymsoles is quite a personality. Living in his banana bean house with all his modern created accouterments. тTHE RED PUNK BANANA BEANу is an inventor thus he is always being chased by the two Irish green Martian space-men тMR ZUBEE ZOO and MR ZUBBE ZEAу who are trying to steal his inventions. Join the upside down world of the inventor who is always running away from his tormentors while creating wonderful inventions to help human kind. тTHE RED PUNK BANANA BEANу can disconnect his arms and legs and even become invisible by using the word тzoo zee zubу. The тRED PUNK BANANA BEANу is quite something - - - - тSPLISH SPLASHу тSPLISH SPLASHу is very like the concept of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. I have often wondered in awe at the Huckleberry friend concept in Henri Manciniуs music Moon River. That concept has always fired my immigration as part of the Old Wild West Steam Boat river Bayou mysticism of freedom and adventure. тSPLISH SPLASHу loves meandering down to the Bayou to go fishing in the mysterious dark silvery wisped water flecked with effervescent bubbles as the fish glide about effortlessly. The dream and joy of all children is to catch a fish especially a big fish.уSPLISH SPLASHу loves fishing. He has a special Irish green hat festooned with corks to shoo fly's away. His prized fishing pole is whittled out of a willow log he found in an old abandoned beaver lodge. - - - - - - - тICE CRUSHу тICE CRUSHу is a translucent multi colored blue ice cube who floats along while-dribbling and dripping away. тCAPTAIN CRUSHу steers away when ever he sees the ice blue cu-bee-lu-bee popping bobbing and bopping in the water. For he knows that trouble lies ahead. тICE CRUSHу hides from the sonar pings of the Asdic radar in multi layers of warm and cold water. Thus тICE CRUSHу can pop up and pounce any time he likes. Join in the game тICE CRUSHу to test your skills against the formidable translucent multi colored blue ice blue cu-bee lu-bee ... Yuck-a- boo ... Yuck-a- boo... Yuck-a- boo... тICE CRUSHу - - - - - - - тOH BEE HAVEу тOH BEE HAVEу is a naughty bumbling bumble bee who forgets to to gather up his daily portion of honey, sugar water along with mountain dew and pollen. тOH BEE HAVEу likes to buzz about sniff and smell all around while floating effortlessly on the sun warmed sea breezes and wobbling air currents.тOH BEE HAVEу is a sleepy bumbling bumble bee as all his journeying to and fro brings sleep to his eyes as in his exploring excitement he forgets to eat his food. When sleepy he likes to shelter under the petles of colorful flower too rest, sleep, snoozez, snore and dream wonderful happy thoughts. The flowers and budding fruits love the little bumbling bumble bee and they shelter тOH BEE HAVEу by spreading their leaves and petles around the sleepy bumble bee till in a while up again he dose rise. \ - - - - - тPUSH AND SHOVEу тPUSH AND SHOVEуIS THE NATURAL TENDENCY WITH ALL HUMAN KIND... TO TEST YOUR STRENGTH AGAINST OTHERS. AS I SAID TO MY SON WHILE RAISING HIM NEVER USE YOUR STRENGTH, INTELLIGENCE, TRAINING, EDUCATION AND OR GIFTEDNESS TO HARM INJURY OR WRONG YOUR FELLOW MAN. ALWAYS PROTECT THOSE WHO ARE WEAK. тPUSH AND SHOVEу IS A CARTOON CHARACTER i DEVELOPED TO TEACH CREATIVITY WHEN FACED WITH ADVERSITY. ADVERSITY AND THE OVERCOMING THEREOF IS THE HALLMARK OF A MAN... THE TRANSITION FROM BOY TO MAN. SADLY MANY CANNOT OR WILL NOT TAKE THE NECESSARY STEPS AND PATH TO FREEDOM BRINGING ABOUT MATURITY THROUGH GROWTH AND CHANGE. - - - - - - тJELLY WOBBLESу тJELLY WOBBLESу came about if truth be told first through the music. The music тNAUGHT NAUGHTYу was followed by SPANISH FLEE HE HE.т Both pieces of music are hilarious So what then happened was i, had to create a character that i felt worked with the music not the other way round. The overriding concern was how to place it into a game: The cartoon character had to be funny ticklish with Spanish overtones and who could react to funny noiseуs and voices. The natural creature i thought about was the sting-ray and how its outer wings flapped and created a wavy pattern. Thus JELLY WOBBLES was born, Then by adding the eyes and nose along withhis wonderful mustache he sprung to life and of course immortality... he he. - - - - -